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The 20 Most Regrettable Albums Ever

on January 08, 2014, 12:00am
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06. Neil Young – Everybody’s Rockin’

Neil Young - Everybody's Rockin'

As a record, Everybody’s Rockin’ is lackluster and goofy, but as a practical joke, it’s hilarous. Following Trans, Neil Young’s weirdly compelling techno outing, and an aborted country effort that later surfaced as 1985’s Old Ways, Geffen requested a rock ‘n’ roll album, the story goes. So, Shakey served up this mind-numbing novelty letter to 1950s rockabilly, complete with period covers, a mystery “Shocking Pinks” backing group, and gated reverb so thick you’ll cough at the stench. As a genre exercise, it’s a winking, but maddeningly goofy project that ironically winds up sounding far more fake than the electronic LP it follows. Of course, Young’s audience wasn’t in on the joke, and neither was Geffen; the label sued him for $3.3 million in November of the same year.

Saving grace? Hidden amidst the shlock is “Wonderin'”, a nifty tune that dates back well over a decade prior and can be found in livelier form on Crazy Horse’s 1970 Live at the Fillmore East recording.

–Zach Schonfeld

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