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Top MP3s of the Week (1/17)

on January 17, 2014, 12:00am
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After kickstarting the Top MP3s feature for 2014, we’ve had too much fun digging for artists that resonate through more than a handful of listens. Not only does this week’s countdown satisfy that expectation, but invigorate our imagination of hearing these tracks extended. Nearly every artist is a master behind the wheel of a long journey, whether its an appropriate hazy dream jam or haunted post-punk  drive. Even a folky favorite incorporated an appropriate saxophone solo into a his ode to age and friendship. Even though it would be best if all of these songs exceeded the six-minute mark, we can still dream about it.

10. Swearing at Motorists – “Groundhog Day (Damn the Piper)”

sam 1024x1019 Top MP3s of the Week (1/17)

Lo-fi troubadour Dave Doughman and his band, Swearing at Motorists, have taken to Kickstarter for some help funding their new LP, While Laughing, the Joker Tells the Truth. The album is already recorded and mastered, but without the proper financial backing, its commercial future is uncertain. That’s a shame, because single “Groundhog Day (Damn the Piper)” is vintage S@M — simple but honest — with Doughman self-harmonizing sour pessimisms: “Damn this song I’m damned to sing/ Damn the way this phone won’t ring.” Click here to shoot the band some cash so this gets the proper release it deserves. –Jon Hadusek

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