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Video: Drake hosted Saturday Night Live, and did not disappoint

on January 19, 2014, 1:21am

He started on Degrassi, now he’s hosting Saturday Night Live. Last night, Drake joined a group of select few to have pulled double duty on the late-night institution, serving as both host and musical guest. He did not disappoint — neither did his hair.

From the very first sketch, Drake brought the laughs with a spot-on impersonation of Alex Rodriguez:

During the monologue, Drake poked fun at his unique heritage as a black Jewish rapper by re-imagining his Bar Mitzvah. The sketch eventually devolved into a Drake freestyle as he rapped lines like, “I play ball like LeBron, and I know what a W2 is”.

Keenan Thompson played MTV’s Sway Calloway as host of a faux show called Hip-Hop Classics: Before They Were Stars, which spoofed Eminem as a young actor on Felicity, Lil Wayne (played by Drake) on Family Matters, Rihanna on Blossom, Rick Ross on Teletubbies, Jay Z on Mr Wizard.

This weekend’s digital short was about New Year’s resolutions and saw Drake rapping about only drinking on weekends and, yes, cosplaying as a wizard.

For his first musical performance, Drake performed a mash-up of “Started From the Bottom” and recent single “Trophies”:

For his second, he teamed with singer/girlfriend Jhene Aiko to perform “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and “From Time”.

Other sketches saw Drake play a nerdy dad who got hit on at a slumber party, an attendant at an Indiana Jones stunt spectacular at Disney World, a rebellious teenager in detention, and a TV host on Good Morning Miami.

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