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Watch: Chromeo’s video for “Come Alive” featuring Toro Y Moi

on January 30, 2014, 2:18pm

Chromeo are mining more than pleather suits, sweet dance movies, and ’80s electro-funk grooves. With the video for their Toro Y Moi collaboration, “Come Alive”, the duo waxes nostalgic on Andrew McCarthy’s golden hour by dusting off their VHS copy of Mannequin.

Director by Alex Southam captures a heartbroken Dave 1, who’s enticed into a mall after hours when a mannequin abruptly comes to life. From there, it’s a Thriller-esque night full of heavy petting and longing gazes, featuring Chaz Bundick as a singing janitor and P-Thugg as a dancing security guard. The ending’s a little more R-rated than anything Kim Cattrall ever delivered, but the message survives: if you think that magical woman is too good to be true, she probably is.

Grab your best mannequin guy or gal and watch below:

“Come Alive” is off Chromeo’s new album, White Women, due out later this year.

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