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Watch: Poliça’s video for “I Need $”/”So Leave” lends hope to those who hate their jobs

on January 23, 2014, 12:04pm

In one fell swoop, Poliça’s beguiling new album, Shulamith, is summed up with one refrain from new single “I Need $”: “Chasing and wasting for our own desires, we love what we need until the need grows tired.” That’s the overarching emotional sentiment of its corresponding video, which sees singer Channy Leaneagh cast as a daydreaming hotel maid desperately seeking an out from her tedious position of fluffing pillows and scrubbing toilets. Based on the title alone, the use of “So Leave” as an ending coda basically spoils the whole plot, but it doesn’t diminish Leaneagh’s intriguing and playful performance. Watch it below.

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