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The Glitch Mob – Love Death Immortality

on February 13, 2014, 12:00am
Release Date
February 11, 2014
Glass Air Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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The Glitch Mob puts the band name to good use on Love Death Immortality, as the “glitch-hop” elements (sound effects that mimic a malfunctioning computer) burst violently from the record. While the electronica group, born from LA’s bass-driven beat scene, drifted from the renowned grinding synths of debut Drink the Sea, their sophomore album returns with the pulsing, headbang-worthy songs that initially commanded their fans’ attention.

The Mob undoubtedly produced the album with live shows in mind. More of a power playlist than an album, Love Death Immortality is a cardio session waiting to happen, perfect for the EDM stages of this year’s core summer festivals. Using only female vocals on a number of the tracks proves to be a bold, successful choice. The powerful additions of Volkman, Metal Mother, and Sister Crayon provide complexity to the chainsaw-like repetition of the album, but the strongest leads, the instantly gratifying hooks, were reserved for other songs. Most notable on the album is frenetic opener “Mind of a Beast”, which lays the groundwork for the rock ‘n’ roll leanings of the tracks to follow. Equally striking is the Prodigy-esque lead single, “Can’t Kill Us”, which employs signature elements like reverberating guitar feedback.

In many ways, this is the ideal second album, different, yet still recognizable when compared to the band’s debut. While it satiates the hunger for powerhouse electronic ballads, the intricacies and tempo shifts that made Drink the Sea such an intriguing listen were lost in this release. When it comes down it, the album achieved what it was designed to do: produce what is sure to be a dazzling live show. Equipped with stage production, consistently sexy remixes, and the brute force of Love Death Immortality, The Glitch Mob are prepared for sweat-drenched crowds of live EDM warfare, the album itself merely a stepping stone.

Essential Tracks: “Mind of a Beast”, “Can’t Kill Us”