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Esben and the Witch enlist Steve Albini on new album, stream “No Dog”

on February 06, 2014, 6:25pm

UK post-rock outfit Esben and the Witch recently parted ways with their long-time label Matador and have since launched their own imprint, which will release their third studio album later this year.

For the new record, the band enlisted super producer Steve Albini. In a letter on their PledgeMusic page, where they’re raising funds for this summer’s recording sessions, they described the creative process:

“The new music we have written has become an exploration first and foremost of what we can create while locked away in a small room with just our instruments for company. The songs are led by the primal beat of a drum and the rattle of cymbals. This heartbeat guides the guitars and voice, everything entwined, everything reacting to the sounds around it.

“With Steve’s help, we will capture the live essence of the music we have written, push ourselves as far as possible and make the music as powerful as it can be. The songs are written and ready, the recording dates booked in, and we are asking for your help to support this adventure.”

Among the more standard pledge gifts, including t-shirts, test pressings, thank-you notes, and meet-and-greet opportunities, the band’s also offering a bonus EP entitled, And new life blossoms from the ruins. Read the full list of incentives and pledge your support here.

Also on the horizon is a new split 7-inch EP with fellow noisemakers Thought Forms, due out April 7th. Esben’s contribution, entitled “No Dog”, epitomizes their newfound reactionary approach to making music. Brutal waves of dissonant guitars smash and collide with thick, concussive drums, like the bloody confrontation between two monolithic titans. Amid the chaos comes a refrain of atmospheric guitars and fragile harmonies, a much-needed respite from the aural maelstrom.

Listen in below:

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