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Explosions in the Sky and Eluvium members team up as Inventions, listen to “Peaceable Child”

on February 26, 2014, 4:56pm

Eluvium mastermind Matthew Cooper and Explosions in the Sky guitarist Mark T. Smith forged a friendship while collaborating on a song for Elvium’s 2013 double album Nightmare EndingBonding over a love of atmospheric post-rock and a mutual desire to experiment outside their day jobs, they’ve since formed a new band in Inventions. On April 1st, they’ll release their debut self-titled album via Temporary Residence.

Last month, they shared the sweeping and amorphous “Entity”, and today the duo unveils “Peaceable Child”. Clocking in at a hefty seven-and-a-half minutes, it’s a more straight-forward synthesis of their respective takes on dramatic instrumental rock. Building incrementally from the methodical crawl of piano to a lush soundscape of mangled guitars and random tones, the song achieves a unique and soaring mixture of pure emotionality and playful theatricality.

Listen in below:

Inventions Tracklist:
01. Echo Tropism
02. Flood Poems
03. Entity
04. Luminous Insects
05. Peaceable Child
06. Sun Locations / Sun Coda
07. Recipient
08. Psychic Automation

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