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Foo Fighters are recording their new album in multiple studios, with Steve Albini and Butch Vig

on February 10, 2014, 3:33pm

A few weeks ago, Ben Kaye wrote a news piece asking, “Are Foo Fighters recording their new album in 12 different studios?” It would appear the answer is now a definitive yes.

Although not officially confirmed, Reddit points to a Facebook post that reports of new songs recorded by Dave Grohl & Co. at Washington D.C.’s Inner Ear Studios, Chicago’s Electrical Audio Studios with Steve Albini, and Los Angeles’ 606 Studios with Butch Vig.

There’s even photographic evidence to prove it: here’s a photo of Grohl with DC musician Pete Stahl outside Inner Eat Studios on Sunday. This would also explain why Grohl was randomly riding a Chicago subway last month.

This juicy bit of news certainly goes hand-in-hand with the previously reported tweet by Twitter fan account FooArchive. Back in January, the user posted a scan of a section from Billboard’s “Over Heard” rumors column, which said “an insider” had told the magazine Grohl “is scouting iconic studios in 12 cities” for the next Foo album.

So yes, it would appear that Grohl’s racking up the SkyMiles while recording the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2011’s Wasting Light. Whether or not it’s “a way that no-one’s ever done before,” well, that’s up for you to discern.

Not gonna flex too much, but who called it? This guy.