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In Photos: Best Coast at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre (2/18)

on February 19, 2014, 11:30pm

Photo by Bethany Cosentino (via Instagram)

Over the years, Bethany Cosentino has been quite vocal about her adoration of pop culture, whether it’s her obsession with Seinfeld, her affinity for Garfield, or any other pop culture artifacts from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. So, she must have been pretty, pretty, pretty thrilled when Best Coast nabbed an opening slot for the Pixies’ West coast tour. They’re just the type of alt-rock heroes she might tweet about late at night.

If her performance at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre was any indication, her excitement has yet to quell. Between classic cuts off 2010’s Crazy for You, romantic flair on 2012’s The Only Place, and slices off last year’s Fade Away, she slipped in several smiles and waxed geeky with the amicable crowd. In fact, despite the generational gap at hand, the diehards waiting for Frank Black & Co. treated the Los Angeles outfit with both respect and interest.

Earlier in the evening, Cosentino Instagram’d the above photo, asking: “R we kewl?” Yes, Bethany. Very kewl.

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