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Listen: Black Milk’s new song “Cold Day”

on February 05, 2014, 11:00am

No Poison, No Paradise, the latest LP from Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk, proved to be a sonically diverse effort on the back of singles like the ferocious and menacing “Perfected on Puritan Ave.” and the “horror-funk” of¬†“Dismal”. But with his latest single, “Cold Day”, Black Milk’s production skills take a backseat to some of his most profound and poetic lyricism to date.

While he’s built a career on being insightful and extra conscious, he sounds almost sagely as he dissects the continual downturn of life in the Motor City. “Ain’t nothing changed on that block we used to run up on/Some heads left and a few more houses boarded up/They needed more than luck/But they still crack a summertime smile in the city more than rough,” he rhymes with a sense of deliberateness and Zen-like focus. And when layered over the minimalist sway of a looped bassline and choral harmonies, his introspection gains a subtle measure of enthusiasm and optimism, as if there’s hope for his beloved city after all. Listen in below.

“Cold Day” is the first single off the Glitches in the Break EP, due out digitally March 4th and on 12-inch vinyl for Record Store Day (April 19th).

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