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Listen: Boots’ sultry new song “Dust”

on February 13, 2014, 2:35pm

New York-based producer Boots may have been around since early 2013, but it was Beyoncé’s surprise album in late December that really put the Roc Nation associate on the map. Heavily involved in the project, he not only wrote four of its songs, but produced 85% of the entire LP. He’s since followed up that major collaboration with his own solo material, this week revealing a breathy slow-jam called “Dust”.

While his previous release “Atom” (formerly titled “Haunted”) was a slice of airy pop, this new one sounds more in line with his R&B/electronic work on Beyoncé. Along with his skill for solid songwriting, “Dust” also highlights Boots’ keen understanding of space, as he stretches and molds the moments between beats until they’re swollen, ready-to-burst soundscapes. Check it out below.

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