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Listen: Eternal Summers’ new song “Never Enough”

on February 10, 2014, 11:45am

As singer/guitarist Nicole Yun explains, Eternal Summers had all but completed their third studio album The Drop Beneath when producer Doug Gillard called a meeting. “Doug told me he wasn’t sure there were any pop singles on the album,” Yun said, emphasizing that such a shortfall would surely go against their mission statement of expanding beyond the confines of indie rock and shoegaze of 2012’s Correct Behavior. “So, I sat in my room and this is what came out.”

“Never Enough” is one of the trio’s more direct and accessible songs to date. By losing the feedback and steadying on a simple groove of rhythm and bass, the focus becomes Yun’s innocent vocals and emotional revelations. A line like “Don’t be my dismisser/ Lonely the days do grow/ I miss you so” definitely warrants an inclusion on a mixtape to your long distance lover or unrequited flame.

The Drop Beneath hits stores on March 4th via Kanine Records. For more sounds, be sure to check out the dreamy “Gouge”.

The Drop Beneath Tracklist:
01. 100
02. A Burial
03. Gouge
04. Keep Me Away
05. Never Enough
06. Make It New
07. Not For This One
08. Deep End
09. Capture
10. Until the Day I Have Won
11. The Drop Beneath

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