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Listen: Majical Cloudz’s new song “Love Soul”, plus interactive video

on February 14, 2014, 11:15am

How about this for an unlikely Valentine? Sad Montreal bastards Majical Cloudz have shared a new track to download titled “Love Soul”. Granted, the song’s been a part of the duo’s live show for some time now, but never has it been available as a studio recording. Well, lo and behold, it’s now ready for your post-Russell Stover’s consumption.

Frontman and friendly guy Devon Welsh included this little note:

“Love Soul” was written during the time of many of the other songs on Impersonator but we decided to leave it off the album.

It was a part of our set during our first shows.

It was the only song I kept from a time when I was living in Northern California. I remember writing it at a cabin in the woods a few hours east of the Bay. I played it for the friends I was with and I think everyone, myself included, couldn’t really understand what it was. A dissonant loop and repetitive vocals.

As Matt [Otto] and I played it live it evolved slightly, so this is it.

Enjoy the digital embrace below with its accompanying interactive video. Or download just the song here.

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