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Listen: Meg Myers’ somber new song “The Morning After”

on February 07, 2014, 5:21pm

Back in September, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Meg Myers unleashed a side of herself that we hadn’t seen before. The track “Desire” framed her as ravenous and aggressive, clawing under the sheets while spewing lines like, “I want to fuck you, I want to feel you in my bones.” Now, having settled down from such a raging night, Myers returns with the quiet and contemplative song “The Morning After”.

As though huddled in the tiniest corner of a tiny room, shadows draped against her and blocking out the sun, she’s emotionally broken by regret. “I can’t feel anything the morning after you, And I can’t tell anyone the morning after you,” she confesses, her voice an unsteady whisper. It’s a simple and quiet song, solemn as the track’s introspective tone warrants, but there’s no doubt that Myers is carrying a burden nearly 10x her weight. Check it out below.

Both “Desire” and “The Morning After” are off Myers’ new EP, Make a Shadow, due out on February 11th via Atlantic Records.

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