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Listen: The Pass’ funky new song “Never Compromise”

on February 13, 2014, 5:00pm

As part of their ongoing singles series, Kentucky synth-rockers The Pass have been issuing a brand-new 7-inch single each month through April. January’s installment featured a shimmery pair of songs in “Sunny Side” and “Don’t Take It”. This month boasts the dance-worthy “Without Saying”, and, now, its newly unveiled B-side, “Never Compromise”.

While “Without Saying” explored the glitz of modern-day Louisville nightclubs, “Never Compromise” feels like a bubbly blast to the past, where platform shoes and bell-bottoms reigned supreme. Lined with ballooning Passion Pit-esque synths and bits of Daft Punk’s newfound retro funk, the track struts and shakes from under a disco ball. Check it out below.

Vinyl 2 Tracklist:
01. Without Saying
02. Never Compromise