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Stream: Real Estate’s new album Atlas

on February 25, 2014, 1:01pm

New Jersey indie rockers Real Estate will release their third album, Atlas, on March 4th via Domino Records. In anticipation, the record is streaming one week in advance via iTunes.

The 10-track follow-up to 2011’s Days was recorded in Chicago at Wilco’s studio, The Loft. Produced by Tom Schick (Rufus Wainwright, Low), Atlas is the first Real Estate record to feature new members Jackson Pollis (drums) and Matt Kallman (keyboard) alongside founders Martin Courtney (guitar/vocals), Matt Mondanile (guitar), and Alex Bleeker (bass/vocals). The new blood apparently brought a new spirit to the group, as a press release calls the album “the band’s most collaborative, richly detailed album to date.”

In an interview with Grantland, Courtney spoke about how the new record’s live sound differs from Days. “Pretty much every take on the record is a full live take — like guitar, bass, drums, all playing together in a room. That was a big part of it for us, trying to capture that feeling. . . With Days, it was like we did it piecemeal and so for my rhythm guitar parts, I was sitting there in the control room playing a guitar with headphones on, just trying to play it as perfect as possible, trying to get every little arpeggio right. With this record, I wasn’t really focusing on that as much, and I think it comes through in a way that it’s less rigid. It feels a little more organic, I guess.”

Below, learn the guitar tabs for “Crime” with the how-to-play video for the track, and check out the album’s tracklist. Pre-orders for the album are ongoing.

Atlas Tracklist:
01. Had to Hear
02. Past Lives
03. Talking Backwards
04. April’s Song
05. The Bend
06. Crime
07. Primitive
08. How Might I Live
09. Horizon
10. Navigator