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The 10 Most Obnoxious Things Ever to Happen in Music

on February 03, 2014, 12:00pm
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Anything Involving Axl Rose

axl rose

WTF Moment:

Oh, where do we start? What about the diva moments before every performance? The time he told Kurt Cobain to shut his “bitch” up? The quote about him wanting to kill poodles? His bout of homophobic and racial slurs on “One in a Million”? His domestic abuse charges? Those cornrows? The entire process behind Chinese Democracy? The way he reportedly coerced his bandmates into giving him the band name? The 2002 Video Music Awards on MTV? Should we keep going?

Why We’re Still Annoyed:

If you still can consider yourself a Guns N’ Roses fan, you have every right to be angry at him. After all, he couldn’t even show up to their Hall of Fame performance, an unsurprising “fuck you” to friends who would drop everything to play with him again. Oh well, looks like a headlining Bonnaroo performance will never happen.

How Obnoxious?:

I get a slight pang in my left ear every time I think about the guy. –Michael Roffman

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