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Thurston Moore announces new solo album, shares video for “Heavenmetal”

on February 14, 2014, 9:07am

Thurston Moore remains as busy as ever: in just the last few months, he released an album with the now-defunct black metal band Twilight, collaborated with The Horrors, and penned a new solo single. Now, he’s gearing up for a full-length solo LP, his first since 2011’s Demolished Thoughts, and he kickstarts the publicity cycle today with a video for “Heavenmetal”.

As Thurston Moore enthusasits will surely point out, “Heavenmental” was originally released on Chelsea Light Moving’s 2013 album. However, according to SPIN, it’s now being billed as a solo track from Moore. Whether or not that means it will appear on his new album is unclear, but I do know the accompanying video perfectly suits Moore’s style. Jam packed with enough metaphors to fill an English text book, the Julien Langendorff-directed clip explores the power of poetry, friendship, and magic. It’s a wild one.

Watch below.

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