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13 Rock Bands That Have Destroyed Their Legacies

on March 21, 2014, 1:30pm
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13. Aerosmith

june 29 2009

Legacy: In the ’70s, seemingly everyone wanted Aerosmith to be America’s (and especially Boston’s) answer to the likes of The Rolling Stones. Aerosmith never got there, not by a longshot, but they still released plenty of classic tunes.

How It Was Destroyed: For over a decade, the former bad boys increasingly turned away from rock until they found themselves channeling their inner Celine Dion for one of 1998’s two asteroid movies. (Hint: One of them didn’t star Morgan Freeman.) Also, Steven Tyler was recently a judge on American Idol. Yes, really.

Can It Be Restored? If we’re being honest, then we have to admit the band only had a couple good albums in the first place. Besides, can you ever unsee this? –Frank Mojica

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