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Billy Corgan announces tea shop performance inspired by Sufi mystic

on March 28, 2014, 1:34pm

Billy Corgan will return to his Madame ZuZu’s tea shop in Chicago this Sunday for another ambitious live performance. As a follow-up to this month’s eight-hour interpretation of the Siddhartha, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman promises “four sonic impressions” on poems by the Rumi the Sufi mystic.

As NPR recently explained, “Sufism is the mystical path of Islam. It is the inner, meditative branch of the religion that’s found in many different forms, in many different countries, and seldom makes news like its Sunni and Shiite counterparts. The ancient spiritual practice of Sufism incorporates all kinds of activities to achieve a state in which the practitioner loses the ego and experiences God through singing, chanting, reciting, whirling — as in dervishes — and music.”

Corgan’s performance will take place beginning at 1:00pm ET and admission is free, but limited. Maybe with enough notice, Daniel Lopatin can attend this event in person.

In related news, Corgan recently announced the release of two new Smashing Pumpkins albumsMonuments To An Elegy and Day For Night, which will arrive in 2015. He’s also spearheading on a wrestling TV show in development for AMC. And all I did this week was watch re-runs of Parks and Rec.

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