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Fucked Up announce “Year of the Dragon” single, stream B-side “I Wanna Be a Yank”

on March 05, 2014, 5:29pm

This spring, Fucked Up will unleash “Year of the Dragon”, the latest chapter in their long-running Zodiac singles series. The band previously debuted the fierce, 17-minute single live last fall, and now they’ve shared one of its two accompanying B-sides, a cover of Cardboard Brains’ “I Wanna Be A Yank”.

A pithy, sweltering growler, it’s Fucked Up doing what Fucked Up does best: rage like there’s no tomorrow. The song appears here as part of a new compilation from Tankcrimes, the Oakland-based label who will issue “Year of the Dragon”. Listen in below (via Invisible Oranges). Note: it’s track #7.

The band commented on “I Wanna Be a Yank” and the other B-side, a cover of The Ugly’s “Disorder”:

“The two B sides are faithful versions of two ‘forgotten’ historic Toronto punk tunes. So much of Toronto’s early punk scene had a strong following and a great reputation, but some things never really made it out into the world at the time. CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] were commemorating the anniversary of The Last Pogo — a huge, well-known, punk show in the late ’70s that was held at the Horseshoe Tavern; populated by almost every band of the day, and was capped off by a near riot [it was later immortalized on vinyl] — and we helped ring in the occasion by giving two of the bands on the record a little reanimation care of Fucked Up. The Ugly are still active to this day, and the Cardboard Brains are a collector favorite.”

Year of the Dragon Tracklist:
01. Year of the Dragon
02. I Wanna Be a Yank (Cardboard Brains cover)
03. Disorder (The Ugly cover)

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