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HBO to release Game of Thrones hip-hop mixtape featuring Big Boi, Common, and Wale

on March 05, 2014, 12:35pm

Just a few weeks ago, Big Boi offered up a bit of bummer news: OutKast would not be putting out a new album. On the plus side, he vaguely mentionedGame of Thrones-inspired mixtape was in the works. Now, not only is that tape complete, but it’s arriving much sooner than we thought.

Catch the Throne, a hip-hop mixtape featuring Big Boi, Common, and Wale, among others, is due out this Friday, according to Thee Wall Street Journal. The 10-track collection was commissioned by HBO in hopes that it would “encourage more rap fans to watch the show”.

Each song incorporates Game of Thrones dialogue and the series’ dramatic score, and sees Big Boi and others tackling otherworldly subject matter, literally. Instead of boasting about gold chains and doing the dirty, they’re recounting epic sword battles and dragon takedowns.

“I tellin’ whoever messin’ with me, I can bring you that Khaleesi heat / Use my King, knack for words, as an actual sword / I can decapitate a rapper,” Wale flaunts on his mixtape contribution.

Common meanwhile likened Catch the Throne to ’90s Wu-Tang Clan albums, many of which contained sampled dialogue from ’70s Chinese action flicks. “Twenty years ago, Wu-Tang was breaking ground,” Common told WSJ. “Nowadays, people are open to anything. There are no limitations in hip-hop culture.”

For artists like Big Boi, who adamantly watches the series, just being able to participate in the project was an honor. “I’m really happy,” he said. “I get to be part of the process of one of my favorite shows.”

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