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In Photos: Papadosio, The Main Squeeze at Seattle’s The Crocodile (3/21)

on March 23, 2014, 12:47pm

It’s been what feels like a week-long recovery. The show started off very chill with several Jameson shots and the crowd-pleasing sounds of The Main Squeeze, a funk band from Chicago. By the time they left the stage, I had a pretty solid buzz going… enough to start chatting up a complete stranger. He took me outside and pulled a vial of clear liquid out of his army jacket and squeezed a drop into my palm. We heard the intro beats of Find Your Cloud and ran inside The Crocodile, where an epic dance party was taking place. I joined the audience in what became a magical auditory and visual journey. With or without mind-altering substance, catching a Papadosio show won’t be the worst decision you made all week. –Aimee Hurley

Stream the full set here.