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Listen: Chance The Rapper’s new song “Home Studio (Back Up in This Bitch)”

on March 25, 2014, 9:14am

When Chance the Rapper announced he was moving in with James Blake, he promised a plethora of new music and collaborations. With Blake possibly catching up on True Detective, Chance went it solo for the first such release, unveiling a new track entitled “Home Studio (Back Up in This Bitch)” via Twitter. Produced by Chance’s live band Social Experiment, the beat of funky bass and blaring horns is imbued with sense of organic spontaneity and unpredictability. In turn, Chance responds with “no vocal mix no structure”, delivering unfettered rhymes about everything from ankle weights and angel food cake to Tax Day and the 2004 Ford Taurus with a sense of mania and wild-eyed abandonment. We’re just glad they went with a home studio over, say, a bocce ball court.

Listen in below:

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