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Listen: Chromeo’s new pop song “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)”

on March 03, 2014, 12:46pm

Chromeo insist their new album White Women is “Better, Funkier, Poppier, Catchier, Happier”. But just how poppy is the Canadian duo willing to go? Try Katy Perry poppy.

While there’s no whip cream bras involved, the opening guitar riff of Chromeo’s new single “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” sounds awfully similar to “Teenage Dream”. In fact, according to BuzzFeed, the duo initially rejected it due to its uncanny similarities to Perry’s chart-topping single. Luckily, the bubblegum vibes don’t last too long, as “Jealous” abruptly returns to the familiar soundscape of sweat-soaked, synth-powered ’80s funk. Don’t get fooled by the cocksure melody, though; the song’s about how men should embrace their insecurities (and maybe a secret love of Katy Perry?)

“Guys are all schmucks, let’s face it,” Dave 1 told BuzzFeed. “I don’t know why music constantly extols this fictitious macho fantasy persona — we’re all just puny insecure oversize children. And it would be funnier to embrace it.”

Listen below.

White Women is due out May 12th via Atlantic Records. For more sounds, be sure to check out the Toro y Moi-aided “Come Alive”, “Sexy Socialite”, and “Over Your Shoulder”.

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