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Listen: Flatbush Zombies’ new song “Don’t Do Drugs Kids”

on March 28, 2014, 5:24pm

In the tradition of Wu Wednesdays and G.O.O.D. Friday, Brooklyn acid rappers Flatbush Zombies have announced their own weekly new music series. “Day of the Dead” takes place each and every Friday, and the inaugural release is the second track off the group’s forthcoming It’s All A Matter Of Perspective EP.

Despite its positive-sounding title, “Don’t Do Drugs Kids” may have actually been recorded under the influence. The Architect blends rattling drum machines with synths ripped from some decrepit carnival, a maddening and topsy-turvy production akin to listening to some wonderfully awful horror movie soundtrack on mescaline. Meanwhile, Flatbush Zombies sound thrice-baked and three sheets to the wind as they deliver line after line about how high they all are in-between group shouting and spurts of near-indecipherable gibberish.

Whether there’s any irony involved or not, I can’t help but think how doubly enjoyable this track would be during a four-day bender in Joshua Tree National Park. Listen in below:

It’s All A Matter Of Perspective is due out later this year. For more sounds, check out “Lit”.

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