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Listen: Jay Z and Daft Punk’s “Computerized”

on March 10, 2014, 3:00pm

Update: It’s confirmed to be legit.

Fact: There are four times as many fake Daft Punk tracks floating around on YouTube than what make up the Robots’ actual discography. Fact: We’ve been spoofed many times before — ahem, The Third Twin. Fact: There’s no concrete info suggesting this collaboration ever took place.

With all that being said, let us turn our attention to “Computerized”. The mysterious track surfaced on the web over the weekend, said to be an unreleased collaboration between Jay Z and Daft Punk. While we fully expect to be disappointed in about five hours when Daft Punk comes out to deny the track’s veracity (we emailed them yesterday and they’ve yet to respond to our request for comment), there’s a few things to suggest “Computerized” could be real. As users on the Daft Punk sub-Reddit have discerned, the track contains elements from the duo’s soundtrack to Tron, though the verse from Jay Z has never been heard before now. Jay Z previously expressed interest in working with Daft Punk in 2010, right around the time they were working on Tron. So the current theory is that this track is from the Tron sessions, but for whatever reason, it didn’t work out and the Robots instead used the instrumentation for a different track.

Is that true? Who knows. But here’s the thing: whether it’s real or not, it cetainly sounds legit. And unlike wearing a bootleg pair of Yeezy 2s, no one is going to know if you listen to fake Daft Punk tracks. It’ll be our little secret.