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Listen: The Faint’s new song “Salt My Doom”

on March 04, 2014, 11:00am

The Faint’s Todd Fink likens “Salt My Doom”, the second single off the band’s comeback record Doom Abuse, to the musical equivalent of “being strapped to the front of a moving train”. If anything, Fink’s analogy isn’t quite apt enough. With its barrage of speed metal guitars, New Wave synths that wail like sirens, and maddening chorus of screams and shouts, “Salt My Doom” feels more like being hogtied to a fighter jet that’s barreling straight toward a munitions dump. Strap on some sturdy goggles and listen in below.

The band’s first album in six years, Doom Abuse is due out April 8th via SQE Music. Fink described the 12-track album as being about “navigating your mind, your actions, the human interactions that prompt your decision making. Wrestling with determinism, telepathy, empathy, pseudo-scientific possibilities, mirror neurons, and tapping into the communal consciousnesses. What makes us do what we do? Inevitability? Some ‘external’ causes? Illness?”

For more sounds, be sure to check out lead single/album opener “Help in the Head”.

Doom Abuse Tracklist:
01. Help in the Head
02. Mental Radio
03. Evil Voices
04. Salt My Doom
05. Animal Needs
06. Loss of Head
07. Dress Code
08. Scapegoat
09. Your Stranger
10. Lesson from the Darkness
11. Unseen Hand
12. Damage Control