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Miami mayor calls for end of Ultra Music Festival following tragic weekend

on March 31, 2014, 8:46am

Miami’s mayor has called for an end to Ultra Music Festival following this weekend’s trampling of a security guard. In addition, 76 festival-goers were arrested, 28 of them for felonies, and 118 others were treated by paramedics.

According to the Miami Herald, the injured security guard, Erica Mack, remains in critical condition at an area hospital. On Friday, she suffered severe brain hemorrhaging when a mob of people broke through security fencing and trampled over her. Miami’s homicide unit is currently reviewing security footage and interviewing witnesses in connection to the incident.

Hours before the trampling, police inspected the perimeter of the festival and called for additional fencing at the spot where Mack was later trampled. However, no additional fencing was added.

Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado said Ultra organizers “acted irresponsibly”. He, along with City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, have plans to propose a resolution to the city commission that would deny future installments of Ultra in Miami. “I think they have overstayed their welcome,” Sarnoff added.

Last year, Sarnoff called attendees of Ultra a “urinating, defecating … throwing up” mob of “kids on some sort of mind-altering drug” as justification for why the festival should be denied a second weekend. He was ultimately successful in his quest, as Ultra reverted back to a one-weekend format in 2014.

Regalado and Sarnoff plan to submit their new resolution banning Ultra Music Festival all together some point in the coming weeks.