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Sorry, Amy Winehouse’s hologram is not about to tour the world

on March 29, 2014, 7:55pm

Despite reports to the contrary, a hologram version of Amy Winehouse is not about to go on tour.

Earlier today, UK paper The Sun reported that billionaire digital media entrepreneur Alki David had plans to create a hologram of Winehouse, which would be presented in performances around the world. David recently purchased a patent for the very 3D computer technology used to create the infamous Tupac hologram in 2011, and has since launched a company called Hologram USA.

However, according to Winehoue’s father Mitch, there’s “no truth” to the hologram story. “Utter rubbish as usual,” he added. Mitch would know, since he own’s the copyright to Amy’s likeness.

Instead, you’ll just have to remember Winehouse through that ol’ fashioned technology known as the music video: