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Stream: Debut album from Sisyphus, featuring Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, and Serengeti

on March 07, 2014, 1:25pm

On March 18th, Sisyphus, the new project comprised of Sufjan Stevens, Chicago emcee Serengeti, and New York composer Son Lux, will release their self-titled debut via Asthmatic Kitty/Joyful Noise. In anticipation, it’s streaming in full below (via The Guardian).

The trio, formerly known as s/s/s, first came together to release 2012’s Beak & Claws EP. In an interview, Stevens said their new release come together “in a red wine-fueled three weeks.” Despite having “so little in common”, he explained that this unique combination excels because “we have deep love for each other and we are pushing that stone together.”

What a multi-faceted stone the record proves to be, an experimental concoction of classical, pop, and alt-hip-hop that’s been chopped and puréed countless times. “Flying Ace” sees Serengeti’s dense lyrical constructs placed over the flutter of ambient synth-pop. Just a couple tracks later, though, the trio has moved on to sweeping orchestral rock with “I Won’t Be Afraid”, which sounds ripped from an Avant garde remake of Troy. Even one of the album’s more simplified pieces, “Hardly Hanging On”, is an intricate merger of synth-rock and drone.

Holding it all together, though, is the trio’s shared interest in all things melodic and emotional, infusing every track with heart and soul and rhythm. No matter where the music may eventually wind up.

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