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The 30 Best Songs for Movie Trailers

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Artwork by Kristin Frenzel

An excellent movie trailer used to be a rarity. Before Apple started uploading trailers online, previews were simply considered mundane commercials with the same “In a world…” narration, a few banner names, a cliffhanger clip, and a date. Sometimes, you’d catch a random teaser trailer for a highly-anticipated sequel without any notice. (For example, when the T.Rex stamped its foot into the mud and announced 1997’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park, my father had to chase me around the aisles, popcorn in tow.) But really, it wasn’t until the last decade and a half that every trailer attempted to be as eventful as the film itself.

That’s certainly something we discovered when compiling this list. As you’ll notice, most of the previews ahead date post-1999 and that’s largely due to the evolution of the movie trailer itself. They’re sleeker, more self-aware, and snappy in ways that catch our eyes and make us want to rewatch them again and again and again. In some respects, they’re short films — ahem, Zach Braff’s Garden State — and that’s mostly because they have a stellar song championing the visuals. In light of that marriage in marketing, we thought it’d be wise to rope together the 30 best songs in 30 different trailers.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll remember why you paid $12 to see these movies.

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