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The Greatest Nerd Rock Records of All Time

on March 14, 2014, 10:30am
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When your childhood is molded by incessant teasing, unrequited love, and awkward moments of always being chosen last in kickball, the least likely career path to choose is that of rock stardom. However, fortunately for us, some of those unassuming geeks elevated their oddball status to rock mythos, turning out gloriously nerdy records that only a true underdog can appreciate. Some of these albums were amazing, and some were just… well, let’s just say they carried the goofball torch with honor. In any case, this misfit band of outsiders gave us someone relatable to idolize — and the following 10 albums gave us enough geeky material to make us feel like we weren’t totally alone.

–Christina Salgado
Staff Writer

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