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Watch: Fiona Apple plays a super villain on French TV show H-Man

on March 30, 2014, 12:23pm

Move over, Bane: I think I just found my new favorite super villain, and her name is Fiona Apple. As previously reported, the singer-songwriter appeared in an episode of H-Man, a new French superhero series created by Joseph Cahill (who helmed Apple’s video for “Every Single Night”).

As Teco Apple points out, Apple’s episode premiered last night, and you can replay it in full below. Apple plays BioFrau, an eco-terrorist who seizes control of a German nuclear power plant. BioFrau has a “voice that can control plants,” which she uses to create a ginormous mutant sunflower. If you follow the superhero archetype, you can probably guess what happens, but Apple deserves praise for her menacing turn, coming out as true star amid wonderfully kitschy effects and a love story involving a super-powered viking queen.

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