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Watch: Prince takes over Arsenio, performs three songs, reveals his love for omelets

on March 06, 2014, 8:23am

Without hyperbole, trying to figure out Prince’s motivations and thought process would be like trying to toss a saddle on a hurricane and ride it home. The man powerhouse lives in a different universe than the rest of us, marching to the beat of a drummer the rest of us doesn’t know existed. He seems to apply a sense of spontaneity to whatever he’s got going on: if he wants to play a show, it could either be in some London club or at his posh LA mansion. If he wants to debut new music, he’ll just go ahead and do it on an episode of New Girl. After the Super Bowl. Forget moderation; in all things Prince, the only deciding factor is what tickles his fancies at that given moment.

Last night, what delighted our beloved Paladin of Pizazz was to quite literally take over The Arsenio Hall Show. With this rare late-night appearance, his first since Fallon this past March, Prince turned the show into his own little purple-hued variety show.

He performed three songs: the debut live performance of “FUNKNROLL”, a horn-heavy boogie down set to appear on his upcoming studio album, a ferocious rendition of “She’s Always In My Hair” backed by 3rdEyeGirl, and The Family’s “Mutiny”, which saw him accompanied by a 30-piece band including members of 3rdEyeGirl and The New Power Generation.

prince interview

During the interview portion, Prince discussed a variety of topics, including his recent dabble in social media, his love-hate relationship with the Internet, and his recording process. Among the choice tidbits:

— He does not own a cellphone, but everyone else around him does.

— He takes his time putting together albums. “We live in a singles market. I come from the old school and love making albums. You wait until you have other songs to go with (ones you like). Without a contract, there’s no rush to do an album.”

— He never considered a career outside of music. “When I was 16 I was completely broke and I needed to find a job and got the yellow pages out, but couldn’t find one thing I wanted to do,” he explained. “So I decided I was going to push as hard to be a musician and win at it.” However, he later added that he’d “like to teach in (some) capacity.”

— He confirmed there’s a large vault of unreleased music and has lost count of many songs there are.

— In regards to the Internet, he said, “It’s a double-edged sword. A lot of artists aren’t getting full scale for their art. The Internet is kind of like a black hole, it’s hard to get an audit, hard to get accounting.” He continued, “When people say they love you, respect you, but at the same time take 80% of your earnings, then respect you to fix your own communities, that’s the sharp part of the sword. And we’re at the wrong end of it right now.”

In a separate Q&A with audience members, Prince revealed that his biggest pet peeve is when people touch his hair, he just watched Purple Rain on TV three days ago, and he’s never heard of the word “Informercial”. Lastly, Prince revealed that he enjoys to cook, but only knows how to make one thing, and it’s not pancakes. Rather, Prince whips up omelets. I repeat, Prince only knows how to make omelets, not pancakes.

…. And your life just shattered.

Watch the videos below.


“She’s Always in My Hair”:



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