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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Damon Albarn

on April 24, 2014, 11:38am
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Photo by Linda Brown Lee

There’s a tendency to view Damon Albarn as a bit of a smart-ass. You don’t have to burn deep into his extensive and diverse career (spanning 25 years) to see why people might form that impression. From a distance, it feels a bit blurry when you look at it all mushed up together like that, but when you begin to compartmentalise each spark Albarn has kindled, he sure as heck doesn’t waft around a room like the musical equivalent of a scented candle.

His fire is fueled by something other than a microphone and album sales, so it feels rather serendipitous to take a trip across Albarn’s musical journey ahead of his upcoming debut solo release, Everyday Robots. The album is about the most personal emotional punch he’s ever thrown, and for a man with a driving force comprised of irony, cloaked artistic exercises, and unmoored raw emotions, he’s managed to keep momentum.

So, today we’re sticking a thumb out and hopping back into his roadworthy catalogue. Consider it a road trip from Blur to Everyday Robots, passing the most interesting roadside attractions between.

My advice to you is this: put your life goals on ice and plump up those cushions because we’re hoping this will cause you to writhe in your lounges, inhale huge breaths of air, and unleash a collective, “HE WAS IN THAT BAND?”

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