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Arcade Fire mocks deadmau5 during St. Louis concert

on April 28, 2014, 10:21am

Last week, deadmau5 unleashed a vicious Twitter tirade against Arcade Fire stemming from Win Butler’s shout-out to “all the bands still playing actual instruments” during Coachella.

“arcade fire needs to settle down. some dudes devote their lives to instruments, others to electronic composition by cpu, dafuqs yer problem?” deadmau5 wrote. “if i wanna watch real artists perform, id pick the opera before wasting a fucking minute of my life with arcade fire. #do youevenscorebro?”

Last night, Arcade Fire responded to the mouse head-wearing EDM superstar in the most Arcade Fire way possible: by bringing him out on stage. More specifically, they displayed deadmau5’s mouse head on an LCD screen while performing their cutting rock anthem, “Normal Person”. You know, the song that begins with the lyrics, “Do you and like rock ‘n’ roll music?”

Update: The band also displayed the image of disgraced Missouri congressman Todd Akin (the guy who said women who are victims of “legitimate rape” rarely get pregnant). Watch video below (via @solace).

With the appearance, deadmau 5 joins Rob Ford, George W. Bush, and Michele Bachmann among the select group to be “honored” on-stage by Arcade Fire. Something tells me this is not the last we’ve written about this feud.

Thanks to Oliver for the tip…