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Listen: Giorgio Moroder remixes Coldplay’s “Midnight”

on April 21, 2014, 8:47am

At 73 years old, Italian disco producer Giorgio Moroder could just easily rest on his many laurels. (Or play a lot of cards, as my own recently retired 70-year-old father does.) Instead, he’s spent the last year not only collaborating with Daft Punk, but also doling out a string of remixes. Specifically, Moroder added some extra oomph to Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby”, transformed HAIM’s “Forever” into a dance-pop anthem, and even dipped into his own lauded back catalog by reworking “Tony’s Theme” from Scarface.

Today, he’s tackled neither disco queens, rock and roll sweethearts, nor cold-blooded gangsters; instead, he’s tried his hand at Coldplay’s single “Midnight”. Moroder maintains much of the song’s core, which includes Bon Iver-style howling and Brian Eno-inspired soundscapes. However, he does add a full three minutes to the song with synth interludes, piano-powered disco rhythms, and what appears to be bits of Auto-Tuned German. (Perhaps reading Shakespeare?) The result is the bastard child of ’70s Berlin disco and ambient rock, a sound as lush and emotional as it is cold and robotic.

Listen in below:

“Midnight” is off Coldplay’s new album, Ghost Stories, due out May 19th via Parlophone Records.

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