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Listen: Le Butcherettes share three songs from their new album Cry Is for the Flies

on April 16, 2014, 3:40pm

As we noted earlier this week, Le Butcherettes — the Mexican garage rock outfit led by Bosnian Rainbows and Kimono Kult member Teri Gender Bender — will soon return with a new album, Cry Is for the Flies. Now, more details of the LP have emerged: it’s officially due out May 15th and is preceded by three singles, “Burn the Scab”, “Your Weakness Gives Me Life”, and the previously released “Demon Stuck in Your Eye”. Stream all three, plus a bonus track titled “Blackhead”, below.

Whereas “Demon” was highlighted by buzz-sawing guitars, “Burn the Scab” is driven by Teri’s manic howling, and “Your Weakness” finds strength in its explosive, reach-for-the-skies chorus. Meanwhile, the rattling hypnotics of “Blackhead” suggest even Le Bucherettes’ non-singles pack a mean, mean punch.

An accompanying message on the group’s Bandcamp notes: “Purchase the 3 Le Butcherettes singles from their upcoming album, Cry Is for the Flies, and get the full album for free on May 1st, two weeks prior to its May 15th release. Get the bonus track, “Blackhead”, with your purchase for immediate download.”

Cry Is for the Flies will be issued via Omar Rodríguez-López’s label/production company Nadie Sound Inc. Pre-orders are ongoing.