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Listen: Lily Allen’s new song “Sheezus”

on April 22, 2014, 3:54pm

Lily Allen’s new album, the awesomely titled Sheezus, officially arrives on May 6th. While we’ve already heard a handful of its songs, including “Hard Out Here”, “L8 CMMR”, “Air Balloon”, and “Our Time”, it’s the title track we’ve been really itching to hear ever since we got wind of its controversial content.

In a recent interview, Allen discussed the song’s plentiful name-drops, including toward pop bigwigs like Lady Gaga, Lorde, Katy Perry, and Rihanna. Not to mention, the song talks openly about periods, a topic that radio networks didn’t seem too happy about promoting.

“I would have liked to see [the song] ‘Sheezus’ as a single, but it’s not up-tempo enough,” she told Rolling Stone. “It’s also got the word ‘period’ in it, which is really offensive to people – even though half the world has to deal with it once a month.”

Despite the “radio ban”, “Sheezus” has now surfaced online in all its brazen glory. Though it doesn’t look to be an “official release” by Warner Bros., there is some speculation that it was leaked by Allen herself. We know she’s gutsy enough to pull a stunt like that — especially given all the label drama regarding the kind of “docile pop rubbish” Allen is expected to march out — so it’s totally possible this was a move of her own accord.

Update: Watch the song’s official video below.

“Sheezus” the single will be available for purchase on April 28th.

Sheezus Tracklist:
01. Sheezus
02. L8CMMR
03. Air Balloon
04. Our Time
05. Insincerely Ours
06. Take My Place
07. As Long As I Got You
08. URL Badman
09. Silver Spoon
10. The Life For Me
11. Hard Out Here


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