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OutKast’s Top 10 Songs

on April 22, 2014, 12:00am
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10. “In Due Time”

Soul Food OST (1997)

OutKast was religiously dedicated to their southern roots before expanding their sonic space on Aquemini and Stankonia. So, it was no surprise when the duo went in deeper after it got booed at the 1995 Source Awards (it wasn’t really OutKast’s fault to begin with). On “In Due Time”, OutKast turned down East Coast/West Coast curiosity for introspection with the help of Cee-Lo’s gospel croon. What’s particularly haunting is a few lines in Andre 3000’s verse: “Who said good folks is not supposed to die/ The same nigga that said niggas is not supposed to cry.” It’s a stunning memo from when hip-hop was coping with losing its two most mythical figures. –Brian Josephs

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