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Pixies’ Doolittle: 10 Stories Behind the Album

on April 18, 2014, 12:01am
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Pixies frontman Black Francis (or Frank Black (or Charles Thompson)) has a few things on his mind. He’s always got time to talk aliens, religion, mythology, tower designers, and subcultures. These (and other) topics come up in Black’s lyrics time and time again, the Pixies discography a spin cycle of cultural references and existential questions. So, on the 25th anniversary of Doolittle, we decided to pick apart the indie rock classic and come up with the most interesting of the stories that live within the walls of these songs. If you’ve always suspected that that No. 13 tattoo meant something, wondered who Uriah was, or dropped “La La Love You” onto an earnestly romantic mixtape, this one’s for you.

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