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Top 10 Songs of the Week (4/4)

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09. Ricky Eat Acid – “Can You See It’s Bloom”

Boring Ecstasy

Here in Chicago, we’re currently experiencing a dead spring. Even though the air is starting to feel warmer, our surroundings are still bare-boned and dead. Ricky Eat Acid’s “Can You See It’s Bloom” looks beyond those brittle characteristics and toward renewal. Its simple, two-note keystrokes bring tranquility, further developed with wind chimes and sporadic electronic manipulation. Sam Ray, the man behind the project, attempts to illustrate the gradual growth of the season’s greenery and beauty with every layer, and if taken seriously enough, you can feel it, too. The track is a part of Orchid Tapes’ newest compilation, Boring Ecstasy: The Bedroom Pop of Orchid Tapes, available here–Sam Willett

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