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UCONN Basketball trolls Drake following last night’s NCAA Championship win

on April 08, 2014, 9:45am

The best thing to come out of last night’s NCAA Championship Game was not that UCONN won its fourth national title in 15 years (I’m a Syracuse fan), or that John Calipari might soon leave Kentucky to coach the Lakers (which would be equal parts hilarious and catastrophic). No, rather, it was UCONN’s hilarious takedown of Drake. In case you haven’t heard, the Toronto Raptors Global Ambassador also has allegiance to the Kentucky Wildcats (don’t even try to make sense of it), and was in attendance for this weekend’s Final Four in North, Texas. He even gave a locker room speech. Unfortuantely, Drizzy’s battle cry wasn’t enough to propel the Wildcats to victory, who fell to UCONN 60-54.

The Comm Studies major manning UCONN’s Twitter responded accordingly:

To make matters all that more hilarious, a photo of Drake powwowing with a former UCONN player also spread across the Internet like wildfire following last night’s game. Unfortunately, the latest installment in his series of proud girlfriend photos was taken prior to last night, but still funny nonetheless.

This is an actual photo of Drake taken last night. The look of dejection.

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