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Watch: Archie Powell & The Exports’ new video for “Holes”

on April 15, 2014, 1:00pm

There are nights when I’ll find myself sitting in front of my TV in a trance from hours of playing Columns, Sega’s early ’90s Tetris rip-off, not realizing how long I’ve been in this zombie-like state. With sore thumbs and stinging eyes from the otherworldly glow of the screen, I inevitably always arrive at the very same thought: “What the hell am I doing with my life right now?”

Chicago alt-rock outfit Archie Powell & the Exports seem to understand that plight, recounting their own struggle with games in their video for “Holes”. Delivering the same rowdy energy we saw from them at South by Southwest, the band performs in a vintage arcade while taking turns frantically playing old-school side scrollers. Their expressions alternate between dazed and subdued and endless, foaming-at-the-mouth rage, a common emotional range for bitton-mashers one and all. As a call to arms, Powell screams “we gotta reorganize” over and over again, perfectly summing up my own emotional turmoil after a classic video game bender.

Drop in a quarter and press start below:

“Holes” is off the band’s new album, Back in Black, available April 28th. The band will play a record release show ow May 2nd at Chicago’s Subterranean.

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