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Watch: Das Racist’s Heems created a commercial for Vitamin Water

on April 10, 2014, 1:00pm

Shortly after Das Racist broke up in December 2012, Heems made his way to Bombay, India to begin work on his debut solo album. While there’s been a few communiques in the months that have followed, mostly videos off his Wild Water Kingdom mixtape and assorted guest appearances, the emcee has remained relatively silent. (Unless, however, you count his ever-entertaining Twitter account, which he seems to post on about 325,842 times a day.)

Now, Heems returns with a new project, but it’s not what you may expect. He’s collaborated with Vitamin Water, contributing a “New York remix” of a commercial airing in Japan. No stranger to corporate mergers, Heems’ rapping focuses on the Big Apple’s love for mash-up-centric cultural artifacts and experiences, such as spin class (clubbing + bicycles) and sushi nails (fashion + Japanese food). Sadly, it’s not Heems portraying the ad’s breakdancing robot, as he revealed that he’ll “only Usher slide for Yoko Ono.”

Watch the commercial below (via Slate):

If you’re still thirsty for even more new music, Heems’ debut is slated to drop later this year.

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