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Watch kids use Walkman cassette players for the first time, feel yourself age 10 years

on April 14, 2014, 4:15pm

In a little over a month, I will be turning 27. Typing that number shakes me to my core because I won’t be fit to be classified under the mid-20s demographic anymore. Instead, I’ll soon be on the lookout for the full-on “Shit, you’re pretty much 30” age bracket when I fill out official paperwork and applications. From time to time, I like to daydream of going to Disney World or inventing a palatial, all-you-can-eat ice cream establishment, these childish thoughts safely keeping me feeling young and lively. Until, of course, something like this “Kids React to Walkmans” video pops up and instantly adds 10 years worth of stress wrinkles to my face.

The clip’s pretty self-explanatory (at least to oldies like myself): wide-eyed tykes encounter the archaic gadget known as a portable cassette player for the first time and are totally bewildered. As though staring at a woolly mammoth fossil dug up from the depths of Siberia, these youngins have no idea what to do with the Walkman, like their simple, little lives have been completely turned upside down in the face of such a piece of primitive history. My soul both laughs and cries as I behold these kids’ twisted frowns and sincere confusion. If only they knew the horror of having to fix a mangled tape.

Watch the video below (via Stereogum).