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Watch Klaxons’ video for “There Is No Other Time”

on April 05, 2014, 11:56am

British indie rockers Klaxons have unveiled the video for “There Is No Other Time”, the lead single from their upcoming third album Love Frequency. Here, director Georgia Hudson pairs the sultry disco anthem with footage of a sleek and seductive dance party held within a tiny mirrored room. The intense sense of forced intimacy and interplay between reflective surfaces and beaming lasers make for the perfect visual accompaniment, lending all new layers of sex appeal and emotionality. Still, amid all the fun and sensuality, this writer uncovered one slightly disturbing motif: several shots of seagulls furiously flocking over a beach. Are the seagulls some kind of Kafka-esque metaphor for sex, or are they just angry about being denied entry into the Klaxons’ groovy dance party? Ponder all that (while slow-dancing your face off) by watching the video below

Love Frequency is due out June 3rd via Akashic Rekords. For more sounds, check out “Children of the Sun”, produced by Chemical Brothers’ Tom Rowlands.

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