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Watch: Midnight Spin’s disorientating video for “Conchis Bliss”

on April 02, 2014, 1:00pm

I once had a roommate who would go days without sleeping, just for pure childish kicks. He’d wander around our apartment in a daze, looking at me blankly whenever I dared to ask him why he was doing this to himself. Midnight Spin’s video for “Conchis Bliss” reminds me a lot of those days. Most of the clip features frontman Mike Corbett in an empty room, looking tired and haggard as he stares vacantly at the camera while kaleidoscopic lights flash on his face. Every few frames, though, Corbett’s face switches with a brunette woman, like a hypnotic vision or some terrible walking dream. To live vicariously through my roommate, except without all the pesky health risks, watch the video below.

“Conchis Bliss” appears on the band’s debut album, Don’t Let Me Sleep, available now.